—  A Collection by Valley Heights.

︎        Generative ontopoetic collage attempts at translating the qualia of non-ordinary states of reality, to expand the Self           

︎ 29 / Light took a breath

"You have been so good.
You have been so brave,
so strong" it says, gently,
as it does every morning.

As if this is a new thing it can see.
As if it is a new project.
As if the baby has not already been
sitting there for thousands of mornings
watching their life pass by.

It smiles,
it feeds,
it changes,
it says,
"You have been so good".

The baby knows this
before the words are said,
already drowsy with being old enough,
already drowsy with being fed,
already drowsy with being clean.

A baby, you were told.

While you were growing
you saw things others could not.
You saw the way light spotted
across your named hourglass.
You saw the way all matter
moved within and above you.

Light took a breath and became aware.