—  A Collection by Valley Heights.

︎        Generative ontopoetic collage attempts at translating the qualia of non-ordinary states of reality, to expand the Self           

︎ 20 / static

Language used to leave a trail;

A kind of dust, like sand
It had a direction
A record of it's pouring
as a way to communicate
its intention to waiting receptors
and in that graininess of structure
we teetered on the edge of
a moment's existence

Scattered to the wind 
our languages did none
of the things one would expect
The spilling of pasts and futures
told stories of emptied meaning
and the shapes that we were supposed to fill

We came at the forms from afar
and we described them to ourselves in fragments
showing that we no longer knew
the meanings of any names
We tried to say we existed
crafted sandcastles of our feelings
our tiny dramas imprinted in the ramparts

Nothing could be said 
because everything had
been said at once.