—  A Collection by Valley Heights.

︎        Generative ontopoetic collage attempts at translating the qualia of non-ordinary states of reality, to expand the Self           

︎ 36 / fragments

and the few shards of glass
that remain in my frame
still shimmer with your hues

my gaze causes
colours to blind

︎ 35 / You are not here

oceans are here
being pulled in close
by a swollen sky
to feel its weight
descend from the clouds
redrawing the familiar
in rippling and decidedly
unrecognisable vibrations

︎ 34 / stutter

I am now a hive of wings

that makes the senses
flicker and flicker until
finally the quickening
resonance accents
the brain with a tint

I am now a hive of wings

︎ 33 / drifting

hands drift toward
the unfurling valence of
mouths salivating purple

with the last of the
shadows on the earth
set between the far hills

[adjacent reverberation intensifies]

︎ 32 / glances

When I happen to meet
anyone I want to lie down
so that we are entwined together